Bingo Hole Has Been Sighted Over the Virgin Mobile Islands

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There’s something a bit wonky about what Virgin Casino is offering as ‘iPad/Tablet Bingo’ (especially with this heading on its own dedicated mobile page, too). Read the page, and within a sentence you learn that the only bingo offered is ‘Bingo Bonanza’, a quasi-bingo game.

The next thing Virgin moves into on the page is its various casino games for tablets.

So basically, Virgin Mobile appears to acknowledge the demand for tablet-sized mobile bingo’ing, and yet it is not really giving the full Monty yet. But that just means, dear friends, that it is more likely than not that Virgin could launch a more robust mobile bingo line-up next year. (Maybe this giant was just waiting for the latest Android and Apple updates — we can give the benefit of the doubt.)

Virgin is Fudging Their Tablet Bingo a Bit

The question is: does Bingo Bonanza qualify as ‘online bingo’, really? For purists, the answer will be no. For most people (who have a lighter relationship to the game, perhaps limited to its online versions) why not! It’s simply a combination of lottery ball-picking with bingo cards.

NOTE: there is also a slot-like game called Bingo Bonanza out there: it is nothing more than an instant-win game for phones.

The Perky Interface

Virgin’s tablet-bingo game has space for eight cards. Everything on your game screen is very spaced out, unlike more serious online-bingo systems like mmm-Bingo where every pixel on the screen is packed. With Bingo Bonanza, it’s like an autopilot game: cards are aut0-marked and there is literally an Autoplay switch. Pink/purple curvy lines dominate the look of things here.

Fudging the Bonus, Too?

Is Virgin being a lil’ bit dodgy with the sign-up bonus of £25 as well? If you read the fine print, there’s a relatively complex incremental process by which you receive this bonus. Be that as it may, you don’t get a nice £25 lump-sum to play. There are conditions concerning playing a certain multiple of your required £10 deposit, and, you must complete the deal within one month. So … we recommend you just visit the My Bonuses section of your Account menu to keep track of how much Virgin is giving you. Trying to compute it yourself would be a real bother.

So, strange as it seems — next to the high quality of Virgin’s casino and regular online bingo facilities — we are slightly put off by the lack of more generous ‘mobile’ bingo from such a huge brand as this.

Again, perhaps we’re just jumping the horse and a tad more patience will pay off for us in the face of a giant in online gaming.