Kindle Fire Bingo

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Over the years tablet tech has improved in leaps and bounds. What better proof of that than the fact that we can now play tons of games on Kindle Fires, devices that were originally created to solely be E-readers.

What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing Bingo On Kindle Fire?

One of the best things about using a Kindle Fire is that it uses the latest Android OS so you can run as many Kindle Fire bingo games as you like and you’ll rarely run into any problems as it’s compatible with the majority of games and downloadable apps.

You also have a larger screen to play with which means you have a higher resolution on your games as well as a more responsive control scheme.

The only downside is that the Kindle Fires can’t handle games that are too processor intensive and it doesn’t have an app market so you’ll have to manually hunt down Kindle Fire bingo apps and games.

Are There Differences Between This and Other Tablets?

This incredible little piece of tablet tech is about as similar to other tablets as cats are to dogs. For starters Kindle Fires provide all their users with instant, 24 hour support courtesy of their inbuilt ‘Mayday’ button. Kindle Fires are also the cheapest tablet device available as they will normally go for £200 to £300 each which is value for money when you consider the most basic model of the iPad won’t go for anything less than £399 per device.

Plus you can buy and download books straight to your kindle by using your Amazon account rather than a special and often complicated app like other tablets use.

The Best Kindle Fire Compatible Bingo sites

Playing on a Kindle Fire has become incredibly popular over the years, so with that in mind we’ve picked two of the best bingo sites to play on.

Bingo Hollywood:

This fantastic site will allow you to claim a 300% bonus when you sign up and make your first deposit, plus the bonus benefits don’t stop there as you’re also given 1,000 Star Points for making that first top-up.

Lucky Touch:

When it comes to bonuses this site puts others to shame as it gives you £10 for free for just creating an account. Plus when you make a deposit you’ll be able to claim a 500% bonus on your first cash injection, 350% on your second and a final 300% on your third.

The Best Just-For-Fun Bingo Games?

Because of how popular these devices have become there’s tons of free Kindle Fire bingo apps to play around with. Instead of going through each one with a fine toothcomb we’ve picked out what we think are the best free online bingo games for Kindle Fire devices.

Bingo Party Land:

This superb sweet based app has a great party mood to it as you play around with its live bingo games in themed rooms, compete in challenges, unlock collectibles and earn tons of additional rewards.

Bingo Bash:

You’ll always have someone to play with in Bingo Bash, with user base of 2million there’s always an active bingo game be that in one of its classic 75 ball bingo rooms or in the 30 ball speed bingo games where matches happen at breakneck speeds. With game changing power-ups and tons of challenges this free game is a ton of fun.

If you’re planning on playing on a bingo site in the future why don’t you try using a Kindle Fire because you’re guaranteed to love this great gadgets approach to gaming.

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