Ladylucks Bingo

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ladylucks is one of the premier providers of online and mobile Bingo games. Whether it is online Bingo that you are looking for, or mobile casino to carry in your pocket, LadyLucks Bingo is just the thing for you. Here, you can find a variety of games, ranging from mobile slots, casino games, bingo and even poker.

The great games from can be played on any kind of platform. These games are compatible with your computer platforms, your iPod Touch, iPhone, Android phones and iPad. Since the advent of mobile phone Bingo, more and more providers have been trying to find cutting edge technologies to improve the mobile phone casino and gaming experience.

LadyLucks Mobile Bingo is a dedicated gaming company which designs games for mobile phones. As a result of their expertise in the area of mobile phone gaming, they have been able to produce some exclusive games, which are only available with them. You would not be able to find these games anywhere else on the Internet or in the mobile gaming arena.

All the games offered by Lady Lucks Mobile Bingo are free to download. You also receive a great bonus of £20 when you make your first deposit plus a 100% match bonus up to £500. With all this free money to play with, you can sample all the games offered by Lady Lucks.

Apart from the great games that are on offer, there are also some regular promotions, mystery spins, special bonuses, Bingo quizzes and a refer-a-friend scheme where you can win some great bonuses when you refer your friend to the casino. Of course, when your friend makes their first deposit, you get a bonus on top as well.

Ladyluck mobile Bingo does not work on a subscription model. You can create a single account for your computer games as well as your mobile phone games. However, you will have to download the mobile phone applet before you can begin playing those games on your mobile phone.

Like the Internet model of online Bingo, the mobile Bingo model is also completely safe and secure. You are given a PIN to your account and this is specifically to maintain the security of your account. There are more than 2.5 million players who log on to their mobile gaming applet at Lady Luck Bingo.

Lady Lucks Mobile Bingo is completely secure and has a great reputation for providing top class entertainment for both your computer and mobile gaming needs. For any Bingo fan, playing Lady Lucks Bingo is the best way to entertain yourself and make some money on the side. Even joining Lady Luck brings you a host of benefits.