Ladylucks TV ad

Some TV bingo adverts can be exceptionally effective, whereas others are not so much, but one TV ad that has definitely hit the nail on the head when it comes to a great advert is Lady Lucks. Ladylucks TV ad has been on our television screens since around March 2011, and is a very simple and enjoyable TV advert to feast your eyes on.

Advertising their brand new innovative mobile casino website, Ladylucks TV ad is a very amusing and easy to watch advert, and portrays everything mobile gaming is about in just over 30 seconds. Mobile casinos are all about convenience and having the freedom to play your favourite casino games wherever you are in the world, as long as you are armed with an internet connection and your mobile phone, and Ladylucks TV ad really does put that across in a light hearted, fun way.

The advert starts off with a woman riding an exercise bike in her bedroom. As she’s riding, she’s holding her mobile phone and we see her playing Lady Luck’s roulette, and a she wins, she cheers! This scene of the Lady Luck TV ad is then followed by a man sitting playing slot games in a doctor’s waiting room. As he spins a winning line, he jumps out of his chair and cheers, to the disgrace of other patients! Then, the ad shows a woman standing in her kitchen, munching away on her dinner while spinning the reels of slot machines on Lady Luck’s mobile casino – she takes a big bite of her burger as she spins in an exciting win, showing you that wherever you are and whatever you do, you can enjoy Lady Lucks Casino on your mobile phone! The advert then comes to an end as a narrator reveals that Lady Lucks Mobile Casino has over half a million players and they are still counting.

Ladylucks TV ad is just over 30 seconds long and is quick, punchy and to the point. Some bingo and casino sites make the mistake of being too long winded, too “samey” and completely unoriginal, but Lady Luck’s ad is a modern, easy to watch and thoroughly enjoyable ad as it shows you exactly what the ad is trying to portray: that playing the Lady Luck’s mobile bingo and casino are for everyone and can be played wherever and whenever.