Mecca Bingo: Four Mobile Apps To Keep You Busy and Happy

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90-Ball Bingo. Britain’s Got Talent. Cashline. Bin-glo Free Play. — Four fun reasons to sign up with Mecca Bingo, which is perhaps the UK’s most recognized brand among bingo-lovers. iOS or Android systems are both supported. £50 FREE play Mecca Bingo bonus available NOW!!

What is it about Mecca that’s so irresistible? Is it the pink-galore? (We think it may indeed have something to do with it!)

A £50 new player bonus is also quite nice. Despite the clout of the site, this is
one of the biggest freebies in the mobile-bingo community today. Mecca has
a talent for taking care of its customers — that probably stems from its deep
involvement with local bingo clubs all over our country.

Quality Throughout

We were about to proceed with telling you about Mecca’s games. But above
and beyond these excellent bingo apps, there is a gorgeous and really functional
website to bear in mind. In referring to it, we’re moved to encourage you to it
out as well, for the sheer pleasure of diving into Mecca’s pink world. There are
generous and clearly written previews of each game, for example.

You can read the main features of their four mobile casino games, plus tips on how to
play. And, because this is Mecca, a Customer Service Team is available to help
by phone, email or live chat.

Now for some highlights of the games:

90-Ball Bingo

  • Same jackpots as the big Web version
  • Ability to pre-purchase tickets
  • Extremely smooth and refined interface

Britain’s Got Talent Bingo

  • Same jackpots as the big Web version
  • Choose 3 lucky numbers before games to win £250
  • Some games give a scratchie at the end to win £10


  • Same jackpots as the big Web version
  • Identical interval game as online version
  • Buy-1-Get-1 Free games are available

Bin-glo Free Play (for the iPhone)

  • Same jackpots as the big Web version
  • 15 levels of play
  • Uses the iPhone shake feature
  • Object: shoot needed numbered balls fast

The first three above are pure bingo setups, while Bin-glo is a bit of a stretch
since it introduces a little spring gun with which to shoot at the bouncing
bingo balls needed to complete one’s card, in the fastest time. Of the first two,
then, girls and boys — 90-ball and Britain’s Got Talent — you basically get your
choice between PINK, or blue game-screens, respectively.

Sure, okay, there are other differences between the two! BGT also features six
cash prizes. The way this game makes you feel the heat of the moment from
the show is through this lucky number business: it simulates waiting to find
out if you have been picked.

All in all, Mecca is undeniably at the forefront of today’s available real-cash
online bingo world. Make it part of your world and win some extra cash!

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