Mecca Can See the Future: iPad and Android-Tablets for Bingo

You may be wondering about where tablets like the iPad fit into this new world of ‘mobile’ bingo, eh? Well, you play straight from your phone because you initially enjoyed playing on your computer online. But playing bingo on a tablet is not really like going back to the computer because its touch-screen opens up a whole new level that is both exciting and familiar-feeling. Familiar, since you’re now ‘touching your bingo-cards and that effect is much stronger on a tablet.  The feeling is that of excitement, over joy and overwhelming at first but once you start using touch screens you will never look back!

Bingo On Tablets is the Next Bigger Thing!

The thing is that the mobile-bingo industry has barely caught up with the iPad. Now, sites like Mecca Bingo (reviewed here) mention iPad specifically for downloading apps. And, non-Apple tablets are just barely catching up to the iPad, but they’re coming off the back very fast.


At the head of the pack, perhaps, is Microsoft itself. It’s sort of like a battle of the computer titans, finally, after Bill and Steve have gone off the field. So Microsoft has made itself a branded tablet that is extremely slick, running Windows8, complete with a flexible cover that doubles as a soft-touch keyboard. Samsung, Asus, and others are also busting out trick stuff. Even so, even at Mecca, Android-tablets are not mentioned, but rather bundled with ‘Android’ generally.

There is a certain amount of cross-device portability in these bingo apps. In other words, an iPhone app can run on the iPad because it’s all the same operating system. Same goes for Android phones (more popular than iPhones now) and Android tablets (far, far behind the iPad). Yet games especially built for the tablet environment will be top-of-the-line, top shelf apps.  We are not talking about a bar of tablet that you can eat lol but of a new technology that allows you to play bingo wherever you are and of course if you like tablet you can enjoy the games and munch on your favourite treat as you play!

Mecca Leads in Mobile Bingo on Tablets

If you deposit and play through £50, Mecca will credit your account with a matching £50. Mecca matches whatever your first deposit was.

There are two main bingo attractions at Mecca, as follows.

  • Standard Mecca 90-ball mobile bingo: this game is about as slick and clean-lined and tasteful as Apple’s OS itself. Get ready for a grape- and pink-coloured bingo trip, folks!
  • Cash line, the club interval game: this one is tied to physical bingo clubs and UK halls (where Mecca has been a central vendor for a long time). The game gives you a chance to swap tickets before rounds start. Again, the game is extremely well designed and Mecca-branded.

But the thing that’s interesting is that Mecca alerts visitors to the fact that its apps look great on the iPad, with pictures of the iPhone and iPad nestled up to each other. But ‘Android tablets’ are not named or given a button like iPad is.  Maybe it will have these GREAT features in the future? Who knows with technology today anything is possible!

Hm. Tune into this situation next year and we think you’ll see a different story as more tablets show up, and there is a newer release of Android in play.  Keep your \(0)(0)/ (Eyes) peeled for upcoming news!

For now, play bingo at Mecca, since they are ahead of their time in recognizing the iPad in particular for their iOS bingo app.  Not only will you enjoy the game but you can pick up some freebies too!