Mira Bingo: Hometown Pub Atmosphere with Big-City COZY GAMES

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Mira Bingo has a robust animated homepage bursting with tropical island-pastel colours. But in the split-second while it loads you may see only solid backgrounds and one single message: ‘No. of players online:’. We liked seeing that, as sort of a foreshadowing of the player-oriented site to come.

Bingo Slots and Scratchcards abound!! Wild Jack Casino!!

First up, you get a free £20 to join as a mobile player (£5 more than normal). The Mira deposit bonuses are massive, too. 300% over three deposits. 900% worth of credit to play no deposit mobile bingo cannot be beat — this is the freebie ceiling, folks.

Fortunately, Mira-Bingo games are serious and the site is trustworthy. There are plenty of specials and free-bingo opportunities here.

TIP: Don’t forget the click the link at the top of the homepage called Today’s Deposit Special.

It’s a Cozy Games site, which means top-notch bingo in 75-, 80- and 90-ball formats. You also get some unusual slot attractions like Coffee House. You also get a royal Blackjack table in purple felt with realistic scenery, and other card games. And there are all sorts of instant-win games like scratch cards. These games are very vivid and tasteful.

Like the Local Hall or Club

You get the feeling that Mira Bingo is ‘cosy’ overall. It’s in the small things, like in their introductory copy you’ll find mentioned ‘our hundreds of users’. This is no Virgin Mobile, but that’s good. Two or three hundred bingo players vying for the top progressive jackpots (look for ‘PJP’ throughout the site) is quite a party. It’s a nice size.

Go the BINGO page and see a table with start times, number of players and PJPs — at time of writing, they was almost three thousand pounds up for grabs.

Don’t forget to check out Mira’s blog, Twitter stream and Facebook posts. There will be specials given to the online fans surely enough, and it might as well be you.

Playing on Your Phone

The bingo screens on your phone are well-ordered and very easy to see and use. We like where the chat window is positioned, at the top middle. The row of icon-buttons at the bottom (Dauber, History, Buy Tickets, Help) is neat. All your four cards are lined up and colour coded, with summaries like ‘4 to go’ at the top of each.

Mira Bingo’s website is literally painted with notices for their many special offers. Basically, for each of the main games — bingo, slots and scratch cards — you can score freebies. There is a surprise bonus wheel to spin in some cases, which can win up to £1000. And the seeded pots at Mira will pay out up to £1700 per day. Check out the Fair & Square room if you wouldn’t mind playing 48 tickets for one pound! The Slots Majestic special returns up to £35 for your online and mobile-bingo action.

So you get the picture. Mira Bingo is a welcoming, warm virtual bingo hall. If you are new, then hit the site’s Bingo School link. If you’re experienced, well, then get your game on now.