Play Bingo with Your Nokia and Think that It’s a Whole New Game

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With Mobile Bingo on the up and among the flagship are  smartphones (in the company of iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S3 and so forth) the Nokia Lumia 900 has re-planted a wide foot for the brand with a loyal audience. That’s a great piece of news for Nokia Bingo lovers.

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About Nokia!

Not only did Nokia switch to the Windows Phone operating system, with the Lumia-900 it has surged in front of competition by introducing this year’s leading gaming device for Windows. That’s a dramatic comeback after ditching its lacklustre Symbian system, and the embarrassment of having to recall Skype from a phone lacking enough power.

Bingo on Nokia Lumia 900 is not only robust to play, but also, its Windows connection means that Xbox games are instantly available to users of this phone. Things certainly are looking up!

Instants And Slot Games!

Slot machines and other instant win games (also called side games sometimes) will suddenly perform as well as they can on the Lumia-900 with its 1.4Ghz core and beefed up graphics processor. The touch-screen, being a 4.3 inch display under a stout glass panel, completes the picture of this phone’s superiority.

Add to everything else that famous Nokia brawn, quality materials and confident style, and you have a solid gaming device indeed. Nokia Bingo can be distinguished from any other smartphone’s ability to merely run the apps, since the apps can run at full throttle on the Lumia-900. This thing shows how far phone makers are ahead of software updates, which are struggling to keep pace with the newest technology.

The Bingo Games!

Online bingo of either the 75-ball or 90-ball-bingo sort is not particularly demanding (not yet!) so Bingo on NokiaLumia may not actually show off the handset’s magic. But when you take breaks to play casino games like multi-player poker or Blackjack, or hyper slots like Tomb Raider, you will see this phone’s powers.  Will you have the powers within and get rich quick? You will have to try out the games and find out!

On the other hand, because the richness of display, sound and overall ergonomics, playing Nokia Bingo is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, surely.

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And bear in mind (especially if you are considering buying the Lumia) that it gives you not only access to Nokia-Bingo apps but also to Window Xbox games and a booming new marketplace for entertainment. What we’re witnessing with the release of the 900 is perhaps the first real advance that challenges both iPhone and Android.

Windows has had a tough fight in the smartphone realm so far, but it seems that its software is now poised to begin pulling customers away from its two rivals. In the process, of course, a whole new option for bingo-lovers is now available in phones like this Nokia.  (Great news for the bingo players)!