Paysafecard Payments

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When depositing on your top bingo site you might discover the option to pay in via Paysafecard, but what is it and how do you use it?

What is Paysafecard?

A Paysafecard is a voucher that you can buy in denominations of £10 to £100 from many retailers worldwide. The system begins with you paying for these vouchers with a cash or card payment and ends with you using the generated pin to deposit online.

This sixteen digit pin is your key to using the money transferred online and you type it into the deposit window to activate it in your account.

How Can I Join?

There’s no need to sign up for an account with Paysafecard, which is why it’s so effective at keeping your details safe. Your details don’t exist anywhere on the internet so they’re less vulnerable to being hacked.

You can even pay in cash if you would like, and this adds an extra bit of anonymity to the transaction. There are so many ways and places to use the Paysafecard, which makes it flexible for those who choose Paysafecard payments.

Pros and Cons of Paysafecard

The Paysafecard has a number of advantages and disadvantages to consider before using it as your payment method of choice.

It’s all about security with this way to pay, as your card details are not involved in an online transaction. If you want to be extra secure you can even withdraw cash from an ATM and pay for your voucher that way.

It’s also a wonderful tool for bingo players to reduce their spending, just buy what you intend to use for the week and don’t buy any more. This acts as a budgeting system if you stick to it and will change those late night deposits into sleeping soundly.

There is the possibility that you could lose your voucher before you have a chance to use it, and if it is found by another person who uses it you won’t get your money back. It’s imperative to treat the Paysafecard voucher like real money, as the consequences are the same for losing them.

The Paysafecard is available from 300,000 retailers but if your nearest one is closed for the evening then you may have to venture further afield for your voucher. The effort of going to a store in person might be too much of a hassle for some players but you can usually incorporate it into your usual shopping routine with some foresight.

What about Phone Bill Payments?

When you’re playing bingo on a mobile you do have the option to make a mobile bingo payment, which will add on more to your mobile phone bill. This can be seen as more efficient than a Paysafecard payment but it doesn’t offer the same type of security. Although there is a cap on mobile spending if your phone goes missing the finder can use mobile phone payments to send money to their own account. Mobile phone payments are still more secure than straight card transactions though, as the fee is charged to your account and no merchant will be able to see your card details.

The Best Paysafecard Bingo Sites

If you’re raring to try out this deposit method then you’ll need a site that accepts it, like these ones:

Lucky Touch Bingo

– With this site’s £10 no deposit bonus you won’t even need to make a payment for a long time. When you do deposit you’ll get another 500% added to it.

Teatime Bingo

– You’ll get a no deposit bonus here too of £15 and a 200% first deposit bonus on your pay in.

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