Play 1TG Bingo at Mecca Bingo Mobile

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We are all so obsessed with our mobile phones right now, so new trends coming up in mobile phone bingo gaming is indeed great news to all mobile bingo gamers out there. Now there is an exciting piece of news for mobile bingo players at Mecca Bingo.

Bingo players are all too aware of the pain and frustration of losing the game with just one left to go. For all those who have found themselves losing out by just a single number, there is good news. Special 1TG bingo games have been launched just for you at Mecca Bingo, one of the leading mobile bingo sites in the world.

Mecca Bingo was among the first online bingo sites to bring out the concept of mobile bingo gaming and is one of the most popular mobile bingo site for this as well. The best part about mobile bingo games at Mecca Bingo is that the site does not distinguish between mobile players and online players. In fact through your mobile, you are accessing the very bingo games that all the online bingo players at Mecca are playing, along with special mobile bingo games just for you.

Mecca Bingo, one of the world’s biggest and best online bingo sites is offering special 1TG bingo games in their mobile bingo games section this month. For all those times that you have waited desperately to hear the call of just a single number, here’s an excellent offer.  Just type ‘1TG’ into the chat box and grab a chance to win huge. The 1TG games are running very successfully at Mecca Bingo mobile.

If you wish to check out these games, log in at Mecca Bingo from your phone and visit the Club Bingo Room between 12:00pm and 5:00pm. These games will take place every day  throughout August with weekends being the exception.  You can easily buy your bingo tickets, join in the action and walk away with exciting prizes for winning at online bingo with Mecca Bingo Mobile.