Playtech’s Online Bingo Goes Mobile To Android Devices

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The news broke in August of 2012 that Playtech, maker of a major portion of online games, has developed a mobile platform for Android (and planned one for Apple products later). This is the trend among the top gaming studios that have recently had to roll out mobile products to keep pace with demand.

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Following this trend, Playtech’s mobile bingo app is offering many of the industry’s standard features, including:

  • Players of mobile and online play together
  • Players use existing accounts for mobile app
  • 70-, 80- and 90-ball bingo games
  • Live chat with other players
  • Ability to play a side game

The new Playtech mobile-bingo game will be available through a select group of licensees, but an even more select group is already hosting the game now.

The New Mobile Demographic

The main thrust of this new game’s development was its ability to draw a new kind of player, or ‘success in attracting new player types through mobile’ according to the company’s press release.

It’s not at all surprising that companies like Playtech are making an association between mobile users and a new kind of end-user/customer for its clients. To fully ‘monetize’ their game’s enjoyment, its new mobile platform allows online casinos to cross-sell other games while also applying loyalty-building strategies.

Most of the world’s newest adopters of the Web are using mobile devices like smart phones and light tablet computers. Playtech focused its programmers upon making the game easy to use on their small screens. The firm knows that its clients are eager (an understatement) to cash in on this huge influx of new users and players, especially those in developing economies.

Leading with Open-Source Android

It is also not surprising that Android was chosen for the first release. Playtech plans to release the iPhone and iPad bingo apps versions at a later date. That decision was probably based upon the fact that Apple is generally not tolerant toward online gambling (although some apps have been allowed), whereas the fairly unregulated environment of Android favors the consumption of cash-stakes games.

The Leading Edge of Bingo

Playtech’s new mobile offering is billed as one of the first of its kind, however, its particular standard features (mentioned above) have already been spearheaded by other gaming studios. The truth is that this is the new ground floor for the online bingo world: integrated online games and mobile apps. Even so, Playtech’s self-portrayal of handing their clients a certain advantage by running one of the first mobile-bingo systems betrays a certain fact: more mobile-bingo solutions are expected to hit the market. That can only mean more customer choice.

The fact that Playtech, one of the world’s largest online game-makers, is throwing its hat into the ring for online bingo can only mean something else: 21st Century bingo is thriving. Our irresistible game is being taken forward into the latest technologies because the game, and its social nature, continue to command and increase people’s interest in bingo.