Pocket Fruity

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PocketFruity is not trying to be everything for everyone, which is the way some online-casino sites try to pose. This specialist in simple, fun-to-play, go-anywhere slot games has made two very key discoveries.

‘Keep It Simple, Stupid’

One, a classic ‘fruit machine’ like those in casinos around the globe or in pubs across the UK looks really wicked on a phone or tablet! The fat fruity reels spinning in big bright colour, just there in the palm of your hand, makes for a better mobile game than all these complicated movie-themed slots these days.

Two, if you combine an exceedingly simple slot site (just 8 games are offered by PocketFruity.com) with a few play levels to unlock higher games, then you have a very engaging app that actually can be played on-the-go easily, as well as hold your interest in the long-term. Here are the eight great slots coming your way (last two have to be unlocked):

  • Cash and Mouse: 3-reel/5-paylines
  • Grand Master Cash: 3-reel/5-paylines, 9 rounds
  • Snake Charm: snakes! 3-reel/1-payline mobile simplicity
  • 777 Heaven: 3-reel/1-payline, Vegas theme
  • Lucky Charm: a very simple 3-reel slot
  • Spaced Out: 3 reels
  • Cop the Cash: 3 reels
  • The Purse of Tutankhamun: 3 reels

Now, the site’s very simple sign-up package:

PocketFruity’s recipe for fun is very focused and targeted for players who actually play their slots on the bus or tube or what have you. Now, since so many online casinos have popped up, most offering too many things to be good at any one of them, the niche-demand for a slightly retro slot machine on mobiles is strong.

We Want More, but with Less

Smart-phone users can stand to be selective today. Just like with hot apps such as Instagram, PocketFruity’s main audience is composed of people who dig a bare-bones approach with a stylish design. There is something charming, maybe funny, about gripping a smartphone in your hand that would be capable of running the first mission to the moon, and yet you’re using it to spin slots — in-between all the important business, of course!

PockeFruity Brings Home the Fruit

Again, carrying forward PocketFruity’s winning slant on your mobile gaming expectations, you get something very few online casinos even offer as yet: full coverage for the three main systems (Android, Apple and Windows). This formula of simple game + advanced features is quite mature in the case of PocketFruity since it obviously intends to excel not only at the ‘wares, but their ease of compatibility as well.

Lastly, the affiliations of this site with all major UK mobile carriers, and, its convenient PayPoint funding method, completes this overall user-friendly experience.

We wouldn’t be surprised if PocketFruity gets bought up by a big site like Facebook because of the overwhelming loyalty of its slot-players, based upon the irresistiblity of its games.