The Pop Bingo Game Really Pops with Hand-Held Bingo-like Fun

The Pop Bingo Game is basically mobile casino fun designed for folks who love bingo-playing, just like Moobile Games! You can think of it much as you would slot machines although in this case there are no spinning reels — you get pop-corn instead! Read on, because once you realize how catchy this one is, you will want to play right away.

The two best places to get a taste for this ‘popped’ concept are William Hill casinos and at Casino Las Vegas as well. Now let’s take a look and go over a couple key Pop Bingo tips while we’re at it.

Well, with a game of Pop Bingo your main choices are:

  1. bet size — click the (+) and (-) buttons
  2. bingo card — click ‘new card’ until you’re satisfied

And what exactly is happening when you click the green Play button? The white balls start popping up from their iron pot under your main 90-ball bingo display. Your card’s numbers start to fill. Just as in the real bingo-hall experience, the overall goal is the fulfil your card in the shortest time. But unlike traditional bingo you’re not vying simply with other players but instead there are set numbers of ‘pops’ for certain winnings, as follows.

  • 40 pops or less wins £1000
  • 45 pops is £100
  • 50 pops is £10
  • 57 pops is £5
  • 60 pops is £1
  • … after that, prizes are less than a pound.

Actually, the tips for PopBingo are so simple because this is essentially a matter of chance, and the real deciding factor is just your feeling when hitting that yellowish ‘new card’ button. It’s a delightfully simple gaming app for your mobile moments, since it combines slots with mobile-bingo action.

The soft green, purple and yellow graphics (replete with old-fashioned striped popped corn box) are rather easy to see and work with, too. You will find it satisfying to watch your popped balls bounce and score, all the while monitoring the number of pops. The suspense is nicely balanced by its calm design.

TIP: At the very top in the light blue area you can review the 14 winning pop-marks for winning real cash.

A PopBingo game will win you money depending on how much you wager, anything form 10p to £100. Although you might win £1000 on 10p games, the top jackpot of £1-million requires the highest bets.

Casinos like Will-Hill also offer vast arrays of online bingo titles, plus a free trial and sweet welcome gift — not to mention reloading bonuses too. Because in such cases there is no deposit required you can get the hang of it or even win real moolah without spending anything.

As casino games go, there is not much to compare with the fresh appeal and enjoyably-fast pace of a Pop Bingo Game on your phone. Try it today — but fair warning: just like eating popping corn this is going to get addictive!