June 2012 Saw the Third Biggest Bingo Winner in UK History

Two weeks before Lisa Potter (Witney, UK) won exactly £1,364,745.23 playing online bingo, a mirror fell off the wall in her home. She remembered thinking it would be seven years bad luck, as the superstition goes. But, ‘it has just been good luck,’ she observed, instead of bad.

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This marks the third largest cash win on a bingo jackpot. It’s an excellent example of how fruitful the occasional game of chance can be these days, now that bingo has gone online, let alone gone mobile. Here’s how it happened:

Usually Mrs Potter plays online bingo on Friday evenings, if she does at all. It’s only an occasional sport for her. But perhaps on account of intuition or some other paranormal factor, she decided to play on a Thursday. She bet £5 on her bingo card. And she won the jackpot!

This carries a GOOD TIP: Go in big if you want to win large jackpots.

Mrs Potter could have been on the bus coming home from work. She could have been at work, for that matter, pausing for a moment before shutting down the computer and leaving her desk. Or, as the case was, she could have been at home with a free moment, a clear shot at the computer, and the rest is history.

Of course, this experience is making history for the Potter family, which includes three young kids. She celebrated with remarks like, ‘to be able to have the kids’ future sorted is the main thing.’ She and her second husband have been working hard and struggling to raise the family. This kind of good luck, among ordinary folks, who are using the Internet for fun amidst a tough economy, would seem just the kind of PR that online and mobile casinos are loving.

The online marketplace for bingo and casino games is soaring in popularity and profitability. As long as these stories of success occur for the third party in that equation, the player, then it’s easy to imagine the bingo-gaming community growing.

Mrs Potter, age 33, also exemplifies how the popularity of bingo has expanded from stereotypes of its players as elderly or prudish. Some online bingo websites are even a bit naughty, but only by innuendo. Furthermore, the online generation of much younger-aged bingo players has caught onto the fun of bingo — although they may never have played in the brick-and-mortar bingo halls that their parents probably knew well after the Wars.

This event, paying out £1.3 million, will turn out to be a watershed for the bingo purveyor involved, which happens to be one of Britain’s largest and most respected, Ladbrokes. You can bet that bingo.ladbrokes.com will be visited a bit more as this news percolates amongst all of the UK’s players. Facilitating huge wins like this may be the very best advertising available to established brands like Ladbrokes, or Lady Lucks Mobile Bingo who benefit from pre-existing name-recognition.

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Nice one, Lisa Potter! Well played.