Tombola on Your Tablet Is Worry-Free Entertainment that Can Pay Big!

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Tombola gets vital information across in a very straightforward way, so we shall review it with a direct manner in turn. This online bingo provider is quite mainstream and therefore rather trustworthy. Its by-line is ‘Britain’s biggest online bingo site’.

In talking about Tombola we want to bring up another point about what we call ‘mobile’ bingo. The mobile label doesn’t just mean phones anymore. Tablets are also mobile, by their very purpose.

And the way to play mobile bingo on tablets is either by downloading apps built for iPad and Android, or, simply playing through the device’s web browser. Even smallish smart-phones can access the games with only a little adaptation to zooming in and out, but that is not at all ideal.

Tablets have displays and resolution that can easily show our favourite online bingo purveyors comfortably — with the added grace of touch screens. This expands our definiti0n for ‘mobile’ bingo considerably! offers its own custom in-house bingo games, organized in ‘affordable’ tiers, which is a unique way to go about things. Again, this site caters to a popular audience. At the top of its website you can learn how many players are there (at the moment, nearly three thousand!) and what the jackpot is (over £6K right now).

Here are the tiers of games available, from 2 pence up to £2:

  • Bingo 90! – one line/two line plus Full House rewards, and a progressive jackpot
  • Bingo!Lite – 1p tickets for a £100 jackpot
  • Bingo 60! – five jackpots up to £20K
  • Bingo 80! – ‘shutterboard bingo’ at 25p per board, £500 jackpot
  • Bingo 75! – you mark shapes instead of numbers for a £500 jackpot
  • Bingo 50! – equal opportunity bingo (regardless of ticket prices)

This is true no-deposit bingo that you can play anywhere. So Tombola will double your first £10 deposit, giving you £30.

The bingo boards themselves are very clean, with cards in the centre, chat on the right, and the grid of called balls to the left. Account access and jackpot/player stats are kept up at the top of the window.

TIP: Check in at 21:00 every night to play for £1000 prizes on Full House wins.

Lastly, we should point out something else you get at Tombola that will look great on your tablet display (especially if it’s the newest from Apple or thers). Most sites have the token ‘Winners’ page, but Tombola has an outstanding one. First you get a rich-looking cork board with a montage of the past week’s winners, photos and quotes for all. Below that is a massive grid of the past 50 winners. The overall impact of this page’s information is inspiring.

Not only is online-bingo fun, an extra £10K, let’s say, will definitely change you life.