Top 5 HTC Bingo Games

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HTC has joined the top three or four smart phone leaders, along with Apple, and Sony or Samsung for Android-powered mobiles.

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Some might say HTC is actually the ‘quiet’ leader for Android, because of its connection with Google to make the Nexus models, which are showpieces for the latest Android system. Now, with its newest 8X, HTC launches into a wider space by gambling on Windows Phone.

HTC for Bingo

Knowing that about HTC, we were wondering about the bingo fun to be had with their handsets. The performance of them has already gained a lot of fans, including the top gadget-review sites. Of course, since it’s mainly an Android mobile device, HTC is perfect as your real money cash-winning bingo machine.

Here’s how the HTC flagship line breaks down in terms of system and screen:

  • 8X – Windows Phone, 4.3” screen
  • One series – Android with Sense, ~4” screens
  • Explorer – Android with Sense, 3.2” screen

Obviously the bigger screen, the better, when it comes to seeing your bingo cards clearly. But how fun it would be even to have a tough, small Explorer model out in the woods for stealing a quick game of bingo while camping.

Of course these phones contain dual-core, powerful processors and the right sensors on board to make today’s bingo apps shine and tomorrow’s, too. Which brings us around to the question of which game to actually play on an HTC.

Bingo On Board

Which games bring out the most from this phone? You’ll want to go directly to the very best online bingo sources, as follows:

These sites are running either their own custom-built bingo systems (like the first two on our list above), or they are using industry-leading systems from Microgaming, Probability or Playtech. They will all work on HTC.

HTC Is Mainstream Now

While it may have been true earlier on, before HTC secured its high repute, that games compatible with its phones were off the beaten track, now you’ll find apps right in the Google Play Store.

Whereas before you might have had to get into the phone’s Android settings to ‘enable non-marketplace apps’ in order to play some great bingo (once you had safety-checked the app providers, of course!), now you won’t need to bother with that.

Advanced Bingo Technology

Since HTC has all the capabilities of smart phones, you can also use its Web browser to access Facebook’s many exciting bingo applications, like Zynga Bingo, Bingo Heaven, Bingo Blitz and others. Using the Android system’s latest features, you can even plug your mobile into the home TV or into friends’ flat screens when you visit them, to play some rounds of very social bingo.

Why not? Your HTC phone (or soon to be!) delivers the best bingo we can expect from anything on the market. — So go on and buy one, if that’s what this has been all about!