Mobile Bingo Sites That Accept Ukash

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Thanks to the improvements in online payment systems over the years we can now enjoy a wealth of different banking options and one of the best to use is Ukash.

What Is Ukash?

Ukash is a great system that allows you store large amounts of money on small paper vouchers with special codes on them. You can then enter these codes on websites or take them to a retailer who will scan them to make a payment for items or deposit cash into an account.

How Can I Join?

Ukash has now been taken off the market by its parent company, who also own the Paysafecard service which is nearly the exact same thing. This means that players can’t buy these vouchers anywhere and they’ll need to spend any that they have laying around before the end of October.

When you’re using these vouchers you’ll get all of the following pros and cons, but sadly you won’t be able to purchase more of them.

Pros and Cons of Ukash

There are tons of benefits to using this method to play on Ukash mobile bingo sites chief of which is that it’s incredibly secure as each voucher comes with a 19-digit security code that’s unique to each ticket so you’ll never have to worry about someone stealing your money.

Plus Ukash vouchers are extremely malleable so if you have any of them leftover you can usually combine them together to make one large lump sum. However they do have a few downsides, the worst of which is that the safety of your cash is completely reliant on you not losing the voucher.

What About Phone Bill Payments?

Of course using a mobile means you could try using phone bill payments and although these are good because they’re quick  and ideal for mobile players to dump in cash and then jump straight back in to their game they do have a few problems.

For example unlike Ukash where you can deposit anything from £5 to £500 at a time with phone bill payments you can only usually deposit relatively small increments. So if you want to play with larger amounts you’ll have to make several payments until you get to the amount that you want to use. Also you can’t make withdrawals with phone bill payments only deposits.

The Best Ukash Bingo Sites

Over the last few months Ukash and mobile gaming have really hit it off, now there are tons of mobile bingo sites that accept Ukash all over the place just waiting for you to try them. If you have any of these vouchers remaining we suggest that you use them on one of the following two sites:

Lucky Touch:

This interesting website will allow you to claim £10 for free as soon as you sign up. Then when you top-up your account you’ll get not one but three deposit bonuses that go from 500% on your first cash injection, 350% for your second and 300% for your third.

Tea Time:

When you join this website you’ll be given £15 for free and you’ll have a few choices at your disposal should you decide to deposit. You can either go for a 200% bonus or a 25% cash bonus, plus when you re-deposit you can pick between a 400% bonus or a 150% cash bonus.

If you’re looking for a new site then check if they accept the Paysafecard, as this is the closest product on the market to the Ukash voucher.

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