Windows Phone Bingo

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Thanks to the improvements in mobile technology, we can now play our favourite games on a wide range of devices, and one handheld that’s starting to gain quite a lot of interesting features amongst the gambling community is the Windows Phone.

Is There A Difference Between Windows Phone Apps and Apps On Other Phones?

There is actually quite a big difference between the types of apps and sites you can access on a Windows Phone compared with those you would get on something like an iPhone.

For starters, Windows Phones get all their apps from their Microsoft App Store which is exclusive to all of these devices. Their apps also tend to be Windows 8 compatible so you can continue playing your games on your PC or Laptop.

Although Windows Phones are only compatible with Microsoft apps whilst iPhones and other phones like Androids can handle a larger range of apps, games and websites so you can be a tad restricted with Windows Phones.

Browser Based Sites Vs Downloadable Apps

If you decide to play bingo on Windows Phone devices you’ll normally have two options at your disposal, you can go for a browser based bingo website or an app that you can download. Each of these has their own benefits and problems.

For example the apps allow for instant access to your game and they store all your details so you don’t need to enter them in each time you log on. So you can quickly jump into a game then go straight back out again. The only issue with apps is that they have to go through a lengthy download and install first before you can play with them, requiring a chunk of memory space on your phone.

Browsers on the other hand don’t have to be installed and can work on a large range of Windows Phones whilst apps can have compatibility problems with older models. But the downside of browser games is that you have to log-in each time you play and if the site you’re using is down for maintenance you won’t be able to play any games.

Best Windows Phone Compatible Websites

Because of how popular Windows Phone bingo has become it would take too long to go through every website that’s compatible with this cool device. So instead we’ve grabbed a small selection of what we think are the best ones to game on.

Bingo Hollywood:

After signing up with Bingo Hollywood you’ll be able to claim a 300% bonus on your first deposit as well 1,000 Star Points that you can spend how and when you like.

Lucky Touch Bingo:

A £10 no-deposit bonus and a 500% bonus on your first deposit, a 350% bonus on your second and a final 300% on your third is what waits for you on this brilliant bingo website.


At mFortune you’ll have a £5 no-deposit bonus waiting for you as well as a 100% cash match bonus on top of your first deposit into the site to instantly double your money. Plus when you make any more deposits you’ll be able to claim a 10% bonus when you use credit and debit cards or Skrill, Ukash and PayPal.

Best Just-For-Fun Bingo Apps

When it comes to finding something fun to play you have a ton of games and apps at your disposal. Rather than go through them all we’ve picked out two of the best.

Bingo Blitz:

This interesting app will not only let you play with 14 million other users around the world you’ll also be able to compete in several themed rooms as well as unlock game-altering power-ups and grab special collectibles that are unique to each room.

Bingo Star:

This fun free app has a bunch of neat little features. There are four exclusive themed rooms to play inside and in-game credits that you can use to unlock power-ups and other items. You can also earn bragging rights with your friends plus the ability to play with hundreds of other players worldwide in their multiplayer games.

So if you’re looking for a new mobile to play bingo with then you can’t go wrong with a Windows Phone.

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